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The Xml Log Publisher is used to create the log files read by the CruiseControl.NET web page, so if you don't define an xmllogger the web page will not function.


Minimalist example:

<xmllogger />

Full example:
<xmllogger logDir="c:\myproject\buildlogs" />

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
logDir The directory to save log files to. If relative, then relative to the Project Artifact Directory string false buildlogs

If you change this value, make sure update the configuration of the Project Report Web Application if you are using it.

The default location for build logs used to be the log directory in the Project Report Web Application directory. If you wish to keep this behaviour, set the logDir value to ..\..\..\web\log (assuming that you have not updated the Project Artifact Directory)

XML Log Publisher used to support the 'mergeFiles' option. This functionality is now removed and you should use File Merge Task instead.
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