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This page shows how you can integrate Vil, a code metrics tool, into your CruiseControl .NET build.

This update was provided by Wojciech Zimirski.

Run Vil as part of your integration

After downloading and installing VIL, you have to setup your project to generate VIL report.
If you are using NAnt for building your project then add the following to your NAnt build:
<property name="vil.assemblies" value="comma,separated,list,of,assemblies,to,analyze (full path)" />

    <target name="vil">
        <exec program="${vil.executable}" commandline='/a="${vil.assemblies}" /outxml="${results.dir}results-vil.xml" /m classes,enumerations,structs,types,LOC,events,impInterfaces,WMC,DIT,CBO,RFC,NOC,constructors,methods,imps,fields,properties /sc=type' failonerror="false"/>

The next step is to merge the Vil report file into the integration result using the File Merge Task. Your CruiseControl.NET Server config file will have something in it like :

            <!-- Other files to merge for your build would also be included here -->

Configure the Web Dashboard to show Vil results

To show Vil results on the Web Dashboard, use a Xsl Report Build Plugin with the XSL File vil.xsl. Refer to the Web Dashboard documentation for help on adding new plugin configuration.

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