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Run Simian as part of your integration

Run Simian as part of your NAnt build

In order to get the results of Simian included in the CruiseControl.NET build results, you will need to include a call to simian.exe in your NAnt build file. We recommend you use a target like this:

<target name="simian" depends="compile" description="finds duplicate code">
	<exec program="tools\simian\simian.exe">
		<arg value="-recurse=*.cs"/>
		<arg value="-formatter=xml:build\log\simian.xml"/>

The above example runs simian on all .cs files from the project home directory. Run "simian" in order to see what command-line options are supported.

For a thorough example, look at the CruiseControl.NET source distribution and look at how we use Simian ourselves.

Run Simian as a CruiseControl.NET Task

We don't currently support running Simian directly from CruiseControl.NET, but we plan on enabling this in a later release.

Merge Simian results into your CruiseControl.NET results

The next step is to merge the Simian report file into the integration result using the File Merge Task. Your CruiseControl.NET Server config file will have something in it like :
            <!-- Add your simian report file as follows -->

Configuring your Reporting Application to display Simian results

For displaying the results, CruiseControl.NET currently supports Simian 2.2.3.

If you are using the Web Dashboard, edit your dashboard.config file and include the SimianSummary.xsl file under the <dashboard>/<plugins>/<buildPlugins>/<buildReportBuildPlugin>/<xslFileNames> section like:


Also add the following to the <dashboard>/<plugins>/<buildPlugins> section as:
<xslReportBuildPlugin description="Simian Report" actionName="SimianBuildReport" xslFileName="xsl\SimianReport.xsl" />

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