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You can launch the CruiseControl.NET server by executing the ccnet.exe file, which is located in the server folder of the extracted distribution.

Before doing this, make sure to setup the Server Application Config File.

Executing the server using the -help flag (eg. ccnet.exe -help) will display a list of the command-line arguments accepted by the server. They are:

Command Line Option Description Default
-config:configfilename The config file to use. This is useful if you have multiple config files, or are launching the ccnet application from a different directory to the location of the config file ccnet.config in the directory you launch CCNet from
-remoting:[on/off] Whether the CCNet Server should open the reporting/management port configured in the Application Config File on
-project:projectname Sometimes its useful to debug a specific project. If you use this option, CruiseControl.NET will start just the specified project, force a build on it, then shut down the server no project specified

CruiseControl.NET by default opens a server port to listen for external requests. Make sure to use the -remoting:off option if you do not want this behaviour.
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