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The Schedule Trigger is used to specify that an integration should be run at a certain time on certain days. By default, an integration will only be triggered if modifications have been detected since the last integration. The trigger can be configured to force a build even if have occurred to source control.


<scheduleTrigger time="23:30" buildCondition="ForceBuild">

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
time The time of day that the build should run at. The time should be specified in a locale-specific format (ie. H:mm am/pm is acceptable for US locales.) string true n/a
weekDays The week days on which the build should be run (eg. Monday, Tuesday). By default, all days of the week are set. elements false Monday-Sunday
buildCondition The condition that should be used to launch the integration. By default, this value is IfModificationExists, meaning that an integration will only be triggered if modifications have been detected. Set this attribute to ForceBuild in order to ensure that a build should be launched regardless of whether new modifications are detected. string false IfModificationExists

NOTE: this class replaces the PollingScheduleTrigger and the ForceBuildScheduleTrigger. Use the buildCondition property if you want to run a scheduled forced build.
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