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CruiseControl.NET supports integrating with the PVCS Source Control system via the pcli client.

PVCS Configuration Examples

For the PVCS provider you must specify the executable, project and subproject. Additional optional arguments are defined in the table below.

<sourcecontrol type="pvcs">

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Default Required
executable The PVCS client executable. string pcli true
project The location of the PVCS project database string n/a true
subproject One ore more projects in PVCS that you wish to monitor. As long as each subproject is separated with a space and a "/", you can monitor more than one subproject at a time. string n/a true
username Username for the user account to use to connect to PVCS string n/a false
password Password for the PVCS user account string n/a false
workingDirectory The local directory containing the source from the repository. string n/a false
recursive Whether to monitor all subfolders of the specified subproject boolean true false
labelOnSuccess Whether or not to apply a label to the repository after each successful build. boolean false false
autoGetSource Specifies whether the CCNet should take responsibility for retrieving the current version of the source from the repository bool true false
labelOrPromotionName The label to use as your code-base. If this is specified, this label will be called to get all code associated with it when a get is done. When the build is successful, the good code will have this base label associated with it in turn promoting it into the label.
Label to apply to repository. If a value is specified, labelOnSuccess will automatically be set to true.
string n/a false
timeout How long (in milliseconds) the call to PVCS will be permitted to run before timing out int 10 minutes false
  • Code contributed by James Bolles
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