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See Using CruiseControl.NET with NUnit for more details.

This task enables you to instruct CCNet to run the unit tests contained within a collection of assemblies. The results of the unit tests will be automatically included in the CCNet build results. This can be useful if you have some unit tests that you want to run as part of the integration process, but you don't need as part of your developer build process. For example, if you have a set of integration tests that you want to run in a separate build process, it is easy to set up a project to use this task.

If you are using the Visual Studio Task and you want to run unit tests then you probably want to use this task. Alternatively you can run NUnit using post-build tasks in your Visual Studio project properties.

We recommend not using this task, and using your builder to run your tests if possible. This way if the tests fail and you don't know why, it is a lot easier to try and replicate the problem on another machine.

Configuration Elements

Node Description Type Required
assemblies List of the paths to the assemblies containing the NUnit tests to be run. string[] true
path Path of nunit-console.exe application. string true

Configuration Example

The configuration for the NUnitTask should be placed in the <tasks> section of the Configuring the Server file.


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