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We track CCNet issues using Jira here

Here's a list of the current outstanding issues:

ThoughtWorks, Inc. (25 issues)
T Pr Key Summary Assignee Status
Bug Major CCNET-436 Cvs history command fails if modified directory has been deleted. Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Critical CCNET-424 CCService does not run on Windows Server 2003. Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Major CCNET-457 Strip trailing slash from project working directory Unassigned OpenOpen
Task Major CCNET-426 Remove build element from Project Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Minor CCNET-189 Catch exception thrown if not using Internet Explorer Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Critical CCNET-451 There should be posibility to set Activity column style base on actual status of project Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Major CCNET-452 Improve Dashboard Project Grid Sorting Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Critical CCNET-450 There should be sorting on CCTray project list Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Blocker CCNET-443 SSDIR work incorectly Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Major CCNET-444 CCTray dont sort projects alphabeticaly Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Critical CCNET-442 Break dependency of Dashboard on Publishers Unassigned OpenOpen
New Feature Minor CCNET-35 CCTray should support multiple servers Graham Tackley OpenOpen
Bug Minor CCNET-441 Daylight Savings bug-fix for PVCS 7.5.x causes time to be wrong in PVCS v8.x Unassigned OpenOpen
Task Major CCNET-439 Document process of creating a custom project workflow Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Major CCNET-437 Refactor all calls to ConfigurationSettings behind a facade Unassigned OpenOpen
New Feature Major CCNET-401 Create new email publisher that uses SMTP instead of CDO Sudhindra Rao OpenOpen
Task Minor CCNET-434 Add installation documentation for CCTray Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Major CCNET-433 StarTeam - allow custom filtering in history command Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Blocker CCNET-243 Latest cvs server breaks date parser for "log" command Owen Rogers OpenOpen
Bug Major CCNET-429 <autoGetSource>true</autoGetSource> for ClearCase Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Minor CCNET-425 ClearCase: workaround Rational baseline bug Unassigned OpenOpen
Improvement Major CCNET-428 CVS should convert illegal characters in labels Unassigned OpenOpen
Task Major CCNET-427 Set AutoGetSource="true" as default for all mature SC providers Unassigned OpenOpen
Bug Major CCNET-399 Svn is not correctly converting dates to and from UTC Unassigned OpenOpen
New Feature Major CCNET-423 running projects exclusively Unassigned OpenOpen

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