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Previous versions (0.8 and earlier) of the Dashboard required you to setup a projectcache folder with certain privileges. This is no longer necessary. If you have earlier versions of the Dashboard installer you should delete that folder and revert all custom privileges.

Simple Installation

The simplest way to install the Web Dashboard is to use the CruiseControl.NET installer, as described in the Basic Installation section. This should setup everything, resulting in a Dashboard instance being viewable at the Virtual Directory /ccnet.

If something goes wrong, or you want more control, read the next section

Self-managed installation

First, unzip the distribution as described in Basic Installation

Then, in your system's IIS Admin tool:
  1. Map a virtual directory to the 'webdashboard' subfolder of your CCNet folder (typically called ccnet)
  2. In the configuration for this virtual directory, click the Configuration button of the Virtual Directory tab
  3. Click Add to add a new Application Mapping
  4. In Executable, enter the location of the aspnet_isapi.dll file you use (look at the .aspx mapping as an example. A typical value would be c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_isapi.dll)
  5. In Extension, enter .xml
  6. Make sure Script engine is checked and Check that file exists is not checked
  7. Click OK as necessary to save your changes
  8. Under the Virtual Directory's Documents tab make sure that default.aspx is added as a default document
If you don't apply all these steps some features of the Dashboard will not work.
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