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The Filter Trigger allows you to prevent builds from occurring at certain times (such as when your source control repository is undergoing backup). It is used to decorate an existing trigger. For example, if you have set up a Interval Trigger to cause a new build every 5 minutes, you can use the Filter Trigger to create a window during which the build will not run.

If the start time is greater than the end time then the filtered time will span across midnight. For example, if the start time is 23:00 and the end time is 3:00 then builds will be suppressed over this interval.
NOTE: both the weekday for the start time and the weekday for the end time must be included in the <weekDays> element.


<filterTrigger startTime="23:30" endTime="23:45">
        <trigger type="intervalTrigger" seconds="60" />

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
startTime The start of the filter window. Builds will not occur after this time and before the end time. string true n/a
endTime The end of the filter window. Builds will not occur before this time and after the start time. string true n/a
weekDays The week days on which the filter should be applied (eg. Monday, Tuesday). By default, all days of the week are set. elements false Monday-Sunday
buildCondition The condition that will be returned if a build is requested during the filter window. The default value is NoBuild indicating that no build will be performed. Legal values are IfModificationExists, ForceBuild, NoBuild. string false NoBuild

NOTE: Times should be specified in a locale-specific format (ie. H:mm am/pm is acceptable for US locales.)

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