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The Executable Task lets you invoke any command line executable. It doesn't offer as much specific integration as (for example) the NAnt Task, but does allow you to hook almost anything up as a build process to CCNet.


Minimalist example:

<exec executable="c:\projects\myproject\build.bat"/>

Full example:


Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
executable The path of the program to run. If this is relative, then must be relative to either (a) the base directory, (b) the CCNet Server application, or (c) if the path doesn't contain any directory details then can be available in the system or application's 'path' environment variable string true n/a
baseDirectory The directory to run the process in. If relative, is a subdirectory of the Project Working Directory string false Project Working Directory
buildArgs Any command line arguments to pass in string false no arguments
buildTimeoutSeconds Number of seconds to wait before assuming that the process has hung and should be killed. int false 600 (10 minutes)
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