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Default Labeller

By default, CCNet uses a plain incrementing build number as a build label. Some source controls (e.g. Perforce Source Control Block) require you to use a different naming scheme if you want CCNet to apply labels to source control on successful builds. You can do this by specifying your own configuration of the default labeller in your project. The following configuration would prefix all labels with the string 'Foo-1-', so the 213th build would be labelled 'Foo-1-213'
   <labeller type="defaultlabeller">
   <!-- Other project configuration to go here -->

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
prefix Any string to be put in front of all labels string false ""
incrementOnFailure If true, the label will be incremented even if the build fails. Otherwise it will only be incremented if the build succeeds. string false false
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