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Breaking Changes

CruiseControl.NET 0.9 has breaking configuration changes since 0.8. Make sure to read these release notes carefully and then drill down into the documentation as necessary.

We recommend that as part of upgrading that you backup your current CCNet directories, and then read the documentation thoroughly for the plugins you are using.

CruiseControl.NET 0.9 has the following major changes since 0.8:


  • CruiseControl.NET now comes distributed as an installer, which includes operations such as setting up a virtual directory for the Web Dashboard and installing the CruiseControl.NET Service.

CruiseControl.NET Server

  • The separation between builders and tasks has now been removed, so you can now have arbitrary task workflow as part of your build (for example allowing you to run multiple NAnt scripts, or run an arbitrary process before your main build.) Publishers can also be run as tasks. See the Project Configuration Block page for more details.
  •  Breaking Change - 'CommandLineBuilder' is now called Executable Task and has a new ccnet.config type.
  • Initial MKS support
  • VSS Time fixes (this was causing a lot of problems for VSS users in 0.8)
  • The <sourcecontrol> block is no longer required, enabling CCNet to be used as a scheduled job automation server.

Web Dashboard

  • Completely new, simplified, configuration model, which also allows significantly wider and deeper configuration of the Web Dashboard application. (Since this is completely different to the previous configuration model it is a breaking change)
  • Completely re-implemented presentation logic allowing full customisation of CruiseControl.NET views through templates.
  • Arbitrary XSL reporting without code updates through the Build Report Build Plugin and XSL Report Build Plugin.
  • The Project Report Web Application is now deprecated and will be removed from future releases. You are advised to migrate to the Web Dashboard with this release if you haven't already!
  • Project Grid is now sortable (as requested by the community!)
  • Dashboard no longer requires per-project configuration

Jira Issues


CCNET-148 - ClearCaseHistoryParser does not pick up modifications that span more than one line correctly.
CCNET-159 - exception when use url from email publisher
CCNET-301 - SourceVault 3.0 Incompability? (Documentation update)
CCNET-321 - Email publisher seems incompatible with webdashboard
CCNET-327 - Fix time formats for VSS so that it does not require seconds to be specified in the regional time settings
CCNET-329 - sourcecontrol type="vss" fails because of double quotes in executable tag
CCNET-333 - Test Details Report Misbehaviour
CCNET-345 - ClearCase plugin can't handle multiline comments
CCNET-346 - Invalid VSS history command from ccnet
CCNET-347 - Reading history and changes from VSS does not work properly, invalid date time format
CCNET-368 - Merge file output is wrapped in CDATA section if it starts with blank line
CCNET-372 - Failing unit tests using the NUnitTask should break the build
CCNET-373 - Networking problem with ForceBuild Publisher

New Feature

CCNET-26 - Create CCNet Installer
CCNET-33 - Allow service name to be configured (Bill Simser)
CCNET-205 - WebDashboard columns should support sorting
CCNET-222 - Add integration with MKS Source Integrity
CCNET-259 - Dashboard Project Report should show something useful
CCNET-262 - Subversion should use IntegrationResult.LastChangeNumber for labelling
CCNET-268 - Merge arbitrary files into build log
CCNET-273 - Multiple build tags should run multiple build commands
CCNET-303 - Dashboard should use its own reporting features if a Project's Reporting URL has not been set
CCNET-315 - Enable 'Farm Plugins' on the Dashboard
CCNET-323 - Pass working directory and artifact directory values to NAnt script
CCNET-326 - Allow arbitrary task list as workflow
CCNET-334 - Perforce option to use -f for syncing
CCNET-337 - Treat Publishers as Tasks so that they can be included in the tasks section
CCNET-338 - Allow External URLs to be viewed on Dashboard
CCNET-356 - Configurable XSL Report Plugin for Dashboard (BREAKING CHANGE)
CCNET-359 - Add vil Support


CCNET-309 - Update Dashboard to use NVelocity for views where possible
CCNET-310 - Update Dashboard API to not use 'Control'
CCNET-357 - Move Dashboard's Server configuration to dashboard.config
CCNET-379 - (BREAKING CHANGE) Make naming of builders tasks instead


CCNET-38 - In HtmlDetailsMessageBuiler read css settings from file
CCNET-76 - CCTray should show time until next build
CCNET-161 - WebURL in Project is duplicated with ProjectUrl in EmailPublisher
CCNET-284 - CSS needs cleaning up
CCNET-294 - Introduce configurable StarTeam RegEx's to find comments for modifications
CCNET-313 - Support for Starteam's -fp option to redirect the working folder
CCNET-316 - Make Dashboard Controller default, remove Sitemesh (BREAKING CHANGE)
CCNET-319 - Change VSS time format to use default long time format
CCNET-330 - Make '-nologo' argument in NAntBuilder optional
CCNET-341 - Let Dashboard handle XML files (Remove projectcache) (Breaking change)
CCNET-358 - Add Mike Luke's alternative NUnit XSL File
CCNET-363 - Project SourceControl should not be required
CCNET-378 - File source control provider should not fail when files are read only

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