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CruiseControl.NET 0.8 has the following improvements since 0.7:

CruiseControl.NET Server

  •  Breaking Change - Force Build Interval Trigger and Polling Interval Trigger have been replaced by Interval Trigger, and the Force Build Schedule Trigger and Polling Schedule Trigger have been replaced by Schedule Trigger.
  • Introduced a Filter Trigger to turn off integration at certain times of day.
  • If no <triggers> section is specified for a project, it now uses a default interval polling trigger. If an empty <triggers> section is specified, no triggers are enabled (for 'forced-only' builds).
  • ForceBuildPublisher introduced to allow build pipelines across distributed machines
  • Subversion plugin now allows automatic source updates

Web Dashboard and Project Report Web Application

  • New NAnt Web plugin for easier diagnosis of NAnt problems
  • Web Dashboard now has all the reporting features of the single project reporting application (we recommend all users migrate to the Web Dashboard for reporting now)
  • Web Dashboard now has the ability to configure what Build, Project and Server plugins are made available to users (this is a breaking change to the Dashboard's web.config file - make sure you update your local version)
  • Improved our NCover and FxCop support

We recommend that as part of upgrading that you backup your current CCNet directories, and then read the documentation thoroughly for the plugins you are using.

Some configuration options have changed since 0.7, so make sure you update your CCNet Config file before restarting.

Jira Issues


CCNET-111 - Checking for new versions in Visual Sourcesafe runs 12 hours behind
CCNET-187 - Invalid Xml is included twice in log file
CCNET-203 - Changes on other branches course a build to happen. (CVS)
CCNET-251 - VSS Parser Error with french environnment
CCNET-269 - ERROR: XSL stylesheet file not found: Ncover.xsl
CCNET-289 - FxCop summary fails to expand Target elements in javascript

New Feature

CCNET-44 - Complete work on ProjectStartPublisher
CCNET-211 - Implement Get Source for Subversion
CCNET-217 - Add support for Emma Java Code Coverage Tool
CCNET-218 - Support JUnit output in unit test report
CCNET-254 - Show FxCop Results in Email
CCNET-255 - Add FxCop Report to Dashboard
CCNET-256 - Allow Test Details report to be viewed in Dashboard
CCNET-257 - Allow Test Timings report to be viewed in Dashboard
CCNET-258 - Allow NCover report to be viewed in Dashboard
CCNET-260 - Create a publisher to force a build on a local/remote server
CCNET-275 - Create a conditional trigger (Oane Stienstra)
CCNET-298 - Make Dashboard Build Plugins Configurable
CCNET-302 - Make Dashboard Project And Server Plugins Configurable


CCNET-60 - NAnt log view
CCNET-219 - Improved NCover reporting
CCNET-276 - Merge PollingScheduleTrigger and ForceBuildScheduleTrigger (BREAKING CHANGE)
CCNET-277 - Create new Xsl to work with FxCop 1.312
CCNET-280 - Populate Trigger list with a single Interval Trigger by default
CCNET-281 - Exceptions should be published by default
CCNET-293 - Merge PollingIntervalTrigger and ForceBuildIntervalTrigger (BREAKING CHANGE)
CCNET-308 - Display build plugins on each plugin page for the web page


CCNET-250 - Use reflective code to replace 'Factory' classes in Dashboard
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