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  • CCNET-1 - E-mail Contains Incorrect Unit Test Information (Brad Wilson)
  • CCNET-2 - SiteMesh cannot parse and render Html with foreign characters (Dmitry Ponomarenko)
  • CCNET-4 - faild to display ccnet.log in web interface
  • CCNET-5 - Comlains of missing XmlLogger when it should not
  • CCNET-23 - Vss writes labelling message to stderr.
  • CCNET-36 - Upgrade stylesheets to work with FxCop 1.30 (Noel Gifford)
  • CCNET-39 - ServerLog is not displayed as it is locked by ccnet server (Joseph Kunjoonju)
  • CCNET-65 - Fix rendering and javascript problems in tests.xsl
  • Modification delay fix. Comparison was treating milliseconds like seconds, this is fixed.
  • Fixed CCDashboard refresh problem. Refreshing would force a new build.

New Features

  • CCNET-11 - Include link to ViewCVS or WebSVN for modifications in the web page (Roberto Paterlini)
  • CCNET-19 - Support for Generic Builder
  • CCNET-34 - CCTray should support multi-project CCNet servers


  • CCNET-10 - Build results page doesn't display project name
  • CCNET-22 - Syntax Error in cmd-line args passed to NAnt (abjolseth)
  • CCNET-50 - Dashboard to give feedback when build forced
  • CCNET-51 - CCNetLive / CCNet to use label prefixes
  • CCNET-53 - modifications showing up in links on web app
  • Improved process termination in ProcessExecutor
  • Improved label prefixing
  • Improvements and fixes to the stylesheets
  • Added Build configuration to solution to prevent locking problems with VS.NET
  • Refactored NAntBuilder unit tests to remove dependency on NAnt.exe

Configuration Changes

  • Specification of the logger that NAnt should use has moved from the ccnet.exe.config file to the <logger> property in the ccnet.config file. See NAnt Builder for more details. NOTE: this should only affect users using old versions of NAnt (prior to 0.8.3) or users that are changing the default logger used by NAnt.
  • Merge file functionality has been moved from the XmlLogger into the new File Merge Task. This was done to fix jira issue CCNET-1 so that unit test results merged from NUnit test files could get included into the integration.

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